Jalandhar is a town in Punjab's northwestern Indian province. Jalandhar is now considered to be the oldest town in Punjab and the most industrialized hub and the largest sports equipment manufacturer in India. Jalandhar is situated between the Beas and Sutlej rivers productive agricultural land to provide a strong agricultural market. Leather goods, textiles, and wood products are also fabricated in this area.

Urbanization and Industrialization in Jalandhar

Due to its urban development pace and the easy connectivity via both road and rail to all major cities in the country, including Delhi, Jalandhar has recently seen a recently steep incline in the real estate sector. The development of the property market is also due to the high presence of NRIs who spend extensively in this fast-growing Jalandhar area. In India, Jalandhar is second in the urbanization rate. That is why industrialization is rapidly increasing.

  • Industrial production of sports goods, which began on a small scale during the late 40s, has grown at an impressive rate. Now, Indian sports goods are exported to different countries
  • Industrial sports products manufacturing started to rise at an impressive pace in the 40s and 50s. Indian sporting products are now sold to various countries
  • Despite its insufficient resources and technologies, the sporting products sector has arrived at a point where it is considered a significant cottage industry.
  • The production of high-quality car parts is also known in Jalandhar. Various units provide the original car makers with vehicle parts. Besides, several rubber products factories are also located in Jalandhar.

The infrastructure of Jalandhar and Real Estate

Due to the presence of a huge manufacturing base, Jalandhar has strong transport infrastructures. The several schools and educational establishments in the city that provide quality education have ensured that growth does not diminish.

Jalandhar medical facilities are regarded as one of the finest in India, with India having as many hospitals as possible. Shopping and entertainment centers contribute to the city's general charm.

Showrooms for sale in Jalandhar

According to the largest number of NRIs in the State, the Jalandhar real estate sector offers high-quality real estate facilities.

Different real estate companies are available in Jalandhar for different types of properties, such as offices, stores, land, and flats. To improve infrastructure and economic growth, the Government has created an annual Rs. 150 crore fund to significantly support immobilization. If you are looking for showrooms to buy in Jalandhar at the ideal location then Kohinoor Property studio is the one-stop solution for you. We provide you the best properties at affordable prices.



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