Finance Loans

Finance Loans

Loans are used by individuals who do not have the means to achieve their goal of buying a house or an office but have the viability for a steady reimbursement, later on. The Loan Connected helps people with fairly rated loans that eventually improve valuation, and have long-term financial security. Kohinoor Property Studio helps people with dream houses and business areas with the help of financial loans in Jalandhar. Our partnership with the leading financial institutions for home credit and home mortgage services is proud to announce. This is fully in line with our view of being a 100% customer-centered and customer-based business. Loan Service At Kohinoor Property Studio is provided by qualified professionals who promote quick access to loans for all loan forms. Since the interest rate is low and the intermediary rate is non-compound paid, we will also support our customers in submitting the loan application without errors. We are providing Financial Service.

Financial Loan services by Kohinoor Property Studio in Jalandhar

We at "Kohinoor Property Studio" believe in consumer-focused real estate services and particularly protect our customer interests. "Kohinoor Property Studio" deals in the countryside buying propertyPlots, Bungalows, farmhouses, Bureaux, and Shops. Our company's primary aim is, therefore, to provide our clients with esteemed services for financial loans in Jalandhar.

We are very pleased to present ourselves over the years as one of Jalandhar's most trusted and reliable property dealers, with a comprehensive digitized & manual platform mix, enabling us to meet our clients' needs and wishes quickly and conveniently.

Loan Assistance at Kohinoor Property Studio

  • Eligibility for the loan amount
  • Loan pre-authorization
  • Compile financial and real estate statements for customers
  • Assess the needs of the customer and suggest the best possible solutions
  • Customer and bank coordination for paper preparation
  • Ensure the customer's smooth purchase
  • Services for new projects
  • Approval of the latest project master list Connect point between developer and bank

We assume that obtaining a loan and buying a property are interrelated at Kohinoor Property Studio. Our Financial Services in Jalandhar allow customers to speed up shopping by organizing a simple loan with the best possible terms and conditions. This results in a smooth real estate transaction in general.


Making Borrowing Simple!

Description of Financial Loans in Jalandhar

We specialize in the facilitation of financing for different individuals or businesses in Kohinoor Property Studio Finance that require it. The division provides its services for customers who require domestic credit, commercial credit (stores/offices), mortgage loans, corporate loans, personnel loans, etc. This makes borrowing easy for financial loans in Jalandhar.

Loan Products and Schemes in Jalandhar

We offer services for securing the following Financial Services:

1. Home Loans in Jalandhar:

You will finally have the home of your dreams. Home loans, improvement/restructuring loans, and home extended loans in Jalandhar are part of the spectrum of home finance options.

2. Commercial Loans in Jalandhar: 

If it is an office in Posh or a shop fancied. Your dreams can now become the reality of your life. Items for commercial financing include office/shop loans, loans to improve/renovate, or expansion loans.

3. Loans Against Property: 

It's a loan covered. You will use the value of the home whether you buy residential or commercial property by choosing a decent mortgage. This money may be used for personal or commercial purposes accordingly.

4. Business Loans in Jalandhar: 

These are available for the operating capital, extension, or modernization of existing firms for small and medium-sized businesses. It may be safe or unprotected. The theory is that the banks would lend if there is a chance of growth with a reasonable amount of risk.

5. Personal loans: 

It's an all-intentional loan. You can do almost everything under the sky with money, as long as you pay off the payment on time. That is an unsecured financial loan in Jalandhar with no collateral, securities, leases, or mortgages. The banks shall take into consideration your wages, i.e. compensation if you pay and IT Returns if you work self-employed, as well as other criteria such as the track record of repayment and the bank declaration among others.

Why Choose Us?

1. Stability

Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the SENSEX.

2. Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more profits in your pocket.

3. Cash Flow

Tenants pay monthly rent which covers all expenses and provides profit to the owners.

4. Leverage

You can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of Rs. 10Cr with only Rs. 25L.

5. Amortization

Tenants pay down the debt which increases your equity, creating long-term wealth.

6. Appreciation

Real estate appreciates.


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