Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Kohinoor Property Studio is a leading real estate agent in Jalandhar and an immovable developer and company with a vision to become Real Estate India's most creative and trusted brand. It is a well-established business that has developed its trust and name by building excellent constructions and handing out the possession on time.

Commercial properties in Jalandhar

Following the rapidly evolving immobilization scenario, commercial property is the ideal choice for high-income investors, because residential properties are already densely built. Besides the dense growth, Jalandhar has achieved the highly valued rate

Commercial properties are required not only for businessmen but also for specialists such as physicians, lawyers, and chartered accountants. Such specialists invest in very small units, so manufacturers normally build or divide smaller units. The new investors with a smaller amount of funds that they can rent for the future and investors can earn their miles from it, also profit from these small units.

Additional facilities at commercial properties

For high-income personnel, the investment in commercial property is extra sources of income as a current investment offers rental income which, apart from the guaranteed returns and appreciated value, will sustain their passive income in the future.

In addition, tenants should ensure that good facility such as parking spaces, power backup, protection at the fire, necessary computers, and several other necessary benefits are provided to receive good rents. Thus, without any trouble, your property can be easily rented.

Commercial properties in Jalandhar at a favorable site

Whenever you purchase a commercial property, the site plays the most important role in ensuring you don't leave your property long. So, you can either use it in your company or rent it to make the most of your property.

Why chose us?

Regardless of various service providers in Jalandhar, the following are the reasons for choosing Royal residency by Kohinoor Property Studio:

  • Each flat is designed to meet your needs.
  • All the flats are built in the best locality.
  • We keep customer satisfaction as our priority.
  • You can contact us anytime as we are available 24 hours a day and 7 hours a week.
  • All the flats are designed and developed by professionals using the latest technology.



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